Suspend games and applications.


Nyrna is a cross-platform desktop application written with Flutter that allows one to suspend and resume applications.

The design has intentionally been kept simple and minimalist as this software is expected to be used by anyone, including those who are not ’tech-savvy'.

Working with Flutter to create Nyrna has been excellent, as even while considered an alpha level feature the desktop software creation experience has been quite exceptional.

On Linux the project is quite straight forward, making use of regular system calls to get process information, suspend, and resume.

Windows on the other hand required a great deal more attention, as I have found throughout the project that the win32 API does not provide a meaningful interface with which to check the status of a process, nor to send a signal like one familiar with Linux might expect.

I ended up writing several direct wrappers using dart:ffi - the dart Foreign Function Interface that facilitates C interop, in order to make calls to the win32 API directly from native Dart code, as well as creating a small library specifically to handle the calls to ntdll.dll in order to use the undocumented NtSuspendProcess() and NtResumeProcess() functions.

While not easy or straightforward, the challenge presented here was quite interesting and rewarding - and I enjoyed learning more about systems level programming and APIs.


  • Flutter / Dart
  • Small amount of C++ via the C interop library dart:fii


  • Linux
  • Windows


  • Linux:

    • AppImage
    • Portable
    • Snap
  • Windows:

    • Installer exe
    • Portable
    • winget