Unit Bargain Hunter

A quick and simple way to verify which is the best value when comparing what to shop for.


Unit Bargain Hunter is a multi-platform application that allows the user to compare multiple items when shopping by item count, volume, or weight along with the price of each item in order to easily find which is the best value and by how much.

Unit Bargain Hunter is a relatively straight-forward app with a light / dark theme toggle and using bloc for state management.


  • Flutter & Dart


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web
  • Android

iOS and macOS should work as well given a Mac to compile on & a developer account to distribute them.


  • Linux:

    • AppImage
    • Portable
  • Windows:

    • Installer exe
    • Portable
    • winget
  • Android:

    • Google Play store
    • APK